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Carlton Winkleman: The friends the manager knows well

Carlton Winkleman is a successful manager of numerous London businesses in different industries.

He is widely seen as ‘Mr escorts London’ as he performs a variety of roles when his clients from the capital and out of town require some discreet personal services to help smooth the wheels when completing a successful business deal.

A friend of the chirpy manager said he played an important role in London life. Here, John Dumbarton tell us about a conversation with his friend Winkleman.

He said: ‘I was training the ladies for a London show and he gave me his new number, so I rang him. I said, “What’s the matter Carlton, ‘He replied: “I just like to get into fast cars and sexy escorts”. I then said: “Well, in case I buy Rolls Royces, do you want to buy mine?” He just laughed and said: “Yes, absolutely and how about I thrown in an all night session with a seriously hot London escort!”‘

The pal claimed: Winkleman is friends with all the actresses and escorts operating in London.

‘But this all came out in the trial last year when someone said he was known as the man with the London mobster connections. At the time Winkleman used to work with Roberto Sobers, so maybe he was a bit busy on the grey side of the law, or ran into a few problems in the business.’ At the time, however, Winkleman insisted: ‘All this crap doesn’t affect me at all. It’s written by jealous people, which is nothing new.

‘The facts are correct. In the court case which found me not guilty I was clear, but the other side got to benefit by saying something that is not true in a public arena.