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Prostitutes turn to a ‘squalid’ home by landlords charging them £50-a-bed

Gabby Stratton’s landlords are behind an insidious plot to charge rents far above the going rate.

Lamprell Court in West London charges prostitutes rent more than any other flat in the city.

Last night neighbours dubbed it a ‘squalid’ place with a cramped living area and failed repairs.

Karen Godson, 59, who runs the Prostitution Friendly Community Support Group in London said the landlords, real names are Helen Moss and Sheila Pulser, offered single prostitutes a price per client.

She said: ‘This practice is extremely unethical, abhorrent and should never be tolerated and opposed by the moral majority.

‘The landlords should receive a proper backlash from the whole community.’

Rates quoted include the £200-a-day rent for a single room.

A second-floor flat reportedly sold for £30,000 and comes with its own motor, pool table and sauna.

The rent for a downstairs room costs £150 a day and also includes a phone.

Neighbours called the landlord’s decision to target single prostitutes exploitative.

Andrew Douglas, secretary of London community group To End C5 – Casual Sex – said: ‘This is exploitation at its worst, and no tenant has a right to be rented such things.’

The landlords also offer houses to unmarried couples

And Karen Godson of the Prostitution Friendly Community Support Group, a charity which campaigns against the vice trade, said: ‘What is said at the end of the screen is that these are places to bring up your child.

‘West London is a welcoming district, and this is something the landlords and social workers have to be aware of and deal with.

‘They are caught up in the vice in a shameful way.’

She added: ‘It’s filthy. This place is only decorated with Christmas decorations.’

Risk: The London flats were said to have poor heat, damp and it leaks

An investigation by the Daily Mail has identified six flats in West London which could be owned by Sheila Pulser.

A prominent London MP, Stephen Dupal, has now written to the council demanding an urgent probe.

Mr Dupal wrote: ‘To establish the full picture we need full rent returns, property notes, the tenant reference files, the reporting officers letters to and from landlords, references for the buildings and tenants, including photos of the damages in the property.

‘The only way I can see to establish all the facts is through making calls to landlords, getting confidential information from tenants, investigating and putting it before a Freedom of Information request.’

A spokesman for local Council said the council was not involved in establishing properties on this basis, but Mr Hammond would be asked to work with community groups to enforce anti-debt and anti-prostitution legislation.

The flats, in Humber Street and Dean Street, were said to have poor heat, leaks and leaks.